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Problem:  We have a shortage of affordable housing for first-time and previous home buyers.  Charging a second impact fee to rent a Mother-in-Law or Basement apartment is not necessary or justified.  The connections sizes and impacts were determined and paid for when the home was built, which is based on lot and structure size.  The current impact fee for an ADU is $4,253.00.  


Solution:  Remove, or significantly reduce, the ADU fee and encourage maximizing the homes we already have built here in our community. This allows for an increase in affordable housing for both the home owner and the tenant   Our neighboring city of Alpine has an ADU fee is $50 a year.  A resident of Lehi would have to rent their home for roughly 84 years to pay for the fee Lehi currently charges.  I understand the need for alternative solutions in Lehi for incoming residents and existing residents.  Solutions like this will (1) conserve our resources (water by 30-60%), (2) put money back into the pockets of our residents, and (3) meet the housing need in our growing community.


Problem:  Residents of Lehi have presented valid ideas and offered donation of labor and money which have been rejected or received resistance  from the city.   For example,  a  Lehi resident  proposed having a 501(c)(3) to encourage park contributions from individuals and businesses.  Why is the city not adopting this?  If we continue to govern by the scarcity mentality,  we hinder our ability to complete our parks in a more timely manner and forgo the opportunity to  create a more balanced outcome for all of us. 


Solution:  We need our parks, they are necessary for our emotional and physical health.  While a tax may help,  it is not a long-term or quick solution to completion of our parks.  We need to be more be open to allowing and working alternate paths.  My representation on the council would bring support to  citizens and businesses efforts to complete our parks.   I am willing to use my ability to relate, connect, and unify to bring increased contribution to our parks and arts. 

TIMELESS AND BALANCED GROWTH (including infrastructure)

I have created a question for myself as a check and balance when I observe our cities issues.  "Is the way this situation being handled creating a timeless and balanced outcome?"

Lehi is something special.  I would like to see Lehi discontinue changing code, uses, and zones in the name of creating "affordable housing" and "walkable communities" (i.e. Ivory townhome development by Skyridge High, Traverse Mountain mass grading plan, and infrastructure development at Thanksgiving Point).  When a walkable community is truly walkable and placed well,  I would absolutely encourage it, but there are very few places in Lehi where this can be executed properly.   The decisions made in Lehi should decrease issues and create increased desirability and a timeless outcome for any given area.  


We all  see things through a different paradigm.  If we want a different result, we need to change our approach.   


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