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Rachel Rehart

Chris Jones

Delane Barrus

Marty and Thalia Mansfield

Theron and Valerie Harmon

Nathan and Jenny McClellan

Lara Bangerter

William and Kathy Deimler

Clint and Heidi Greenwood

Clay Peck

Jordan Harmon

Liz Anderson

Tahnee Hamilton

Jeff and Kim McGrath

Jenny Dodge

Michelle Stallings

Cole Peck

Diana Brower

Daniel and Heidi Harmon

Todd and Shona Moyer

Heather and Kordel Braley

Hamilton Motors

Owen Mecham

Jammie Brooks and JT  Brooks

Andrea and John Lorenzo

Brent and Karla Harmon

Calvin Miles

Kaylisha Jorgensen

Darin and Kim Davis

Neal and Trisha Harmon

Thank you for endorsing me and backing me in my effort to represent all of you!

Michelle Headshot green dress.jpg

Michelle is a visionary and a pioneer. Michelle is always open to looking at issues from all vantage points and creating a harmonious outcome. Michelle loves her community and wants to see it thrive. She is a hardworker who steps up and piches in when things need doing; you can count on Michelle to follow through and honor her word. Michelle would be an asset to the citizens of Lehi.

Amora Freeman-Floyd

 I have known Michelle for about 15 years.

Michelle is a leader and a woman of integrity and strong moral compass.  Michelle is a doer and not only follows through but does it well.

She is approachable and will stand up for your freedoms. Please support Michelle Miles for City Council! 

Kent McClellan

Minidoka County Idaho 

Commissioner and Board Chair

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