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Meet Michelle Miles


Hi Lehi!  Sharing pieces of my backstory is the most effective way to convey the talents I can bring to the Council.   I have been willing to adapt to new circumstances and  balance varying efforts throughout my life.  I have given up, or taken on whatever I needed to benefit those around me.     

Introduction-  My family and I have lived in Lehi for 16 years.  I am a wife and mother to seven children, ranging in age from 5 to 23 years.  I grew up on a farm in Idaho with 9 kids.  We had a unique set of circumstances and, in order to help make ends meet, my siblings and I would help our parents in their business efforts. 


Work Ethic-  In my tweens, my parents ran respite care for the elderly and handicapped, and I was in charge of all the laundry for the care center and my family.  To earn spending money I would pick clods, hoe beets, and change water in the fields.  During the winter months  I would come to Utah with my  Dad and brothers to sell potatoes door to door.   

Management- Just prior to turning 18 my grandpa volunteered to pay for me to go to cosmetology school.  I moved to Provo to attend cosmetology school.  After graduation, I was hired as a salon manger.  In addition to working my own job, many weekends I drove home to market and deliver my parents' beautiful homegrown, pesticide-free salads and greens in grocery stores and farmers' markets.  In my early 20s, prior to getting married, I was hired by Morinda Inc.  Within a short time I was promoted to marketing manager where I created and developed an Events and Incentive Program for tens of thousands of distributors.  Just before having my first baby, the VP of Marketing sat me down and explained they had plans to continue my promotion in the company.  As a result of what I felt was too much travel, I stepped down from my position and chose to go home and take care of my son. 

Creativity and Leadership- After the birth of my second child, we moved to Pennsylvania to further my husband's career.  I went to college during this time and managed the marketing department for a water technology company.  We purchased a historic home in Pennsylvania and restored it.  This was where my love for the character in historic structures and architecture began.  After several years in PA we moved to Lehi, Utah where I created a business and continued restoring and remodeling homes (current restoration located in Lehi).   On occasion, I would do contractual work for my brothers  business, Harmon Brothers.  There I was able to exercise my creativity on set as the lead makeup artist, hairstylist, and wardrobe consultant for viral ads such as Poo-pourri, Squatty Potty, and Purple Mattress, etc. 

Business Ownership and Development-  After having six children I put my innate sense of balance and eye for color to work in the form of technology.  I created an application for IOS devices that had a database of 3000+ color palettes based on skin undertones, hair, and eye color.  The user's digital color palette was a shopping tool to guide them to apparel, and cosmetics which complemented the individual's best features.  I conceptualized, wireframed, and created the user experience.   In addition to the user experience,  I  formulated the back-end databases and functionality for the application.  In the last couple of years, I have been creating a companion piece to the IOS application where a user shops numerous retailers by one's unique body shape.  The process of development has increased my ability to reason objectively and find success in being able to educate and unify people in ideas and efforts.   

Service-  I have spent countless hours teaching hundreds of children  1-3 days a week for many years.  As a previous board member of a non-profit educational cooperative, I created a schedule and marketing plan to grow the co-op to 300+ families.  I volunteer at the local elementary school, cutting Lehi Officer's hair, render floor plans and color schemes for friends, etc.   I am part of the Lehi East Stake Civic Committee and currently serve in my church.

I am a well-rounded individual as a result of my hard work ethic,  and willingness to try new things.  As a council member, I bring fresh insight and can offer an objective and seasoned point of view.  My developed abilities will bring balance,  beauty, and increased function to our community.  I have learned things are done better together and I choose to embrace inclusion rather than an attitude of scarcity.  We have something special here and we should expect nothing less than a timeless and balanced outcome for all of us.  


Michelle Miles for Lehi

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